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Performance Beyond Imagination

Tags & Sensors


Our Tags & Sensors deliver pinpoint accuracy, capturing every delivery and shot with sub-5cm precision throughout your session. When it comes to data, we leave no room for error.

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Virtual Cricket


Real-Time Autonomy: Experience every shot as it unfolds, autonomously and in real-time. With configurable fields, you have the power to customise your training just like a live match, pushing your skills to the limits.

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Spot the Unseen: Our Analytics dashboards aggregate all performance data, revealing insights that transcend the naked eye. See what others can't, and gain the competitive edge you've been searching for.

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Tags and Sensors

Our cutting-edge technology operates as an ultra-accurate digital twin of the real world

Tags communicate with receiving sensors an astonishing 200 times per second, providing raw data that we refine using advanced mathematical algorithms. Once our team installs and calibrates the system, it runs seamlessly on its own. It's a one-time installation that brings a world of data-driven accuracy to your training, with autonomous operation from that point onward.

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Enhanced experience

Step into a new era of training with our groundbreaking technology.

For the first time in cricket history, we bring you the ability to simulate full match scenarios with unmatched accuracy. It's not just practice; it's an experience that gets you as close to the real thing as possible. With our technology, training becomes more intense, more competitive, and more exciting than ever before. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Arc simulations analytics dashboard
Remote Scouting

Experience the future of scouting with our advanced analytics platform, enabling remote player assessment from anywhere

Our technology offers global access to player insights, breaking down geographical barriers. Our precision filters empower scouts to shortlist top-performing talent effortlessly. Embrace the future of scouting with us, where data-driven decisions revolutionise player selection.

Arc simulations analytics dashboard
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Generating all the stats you need to analyse and improve your performance

  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard
  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard
  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard
  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard
  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard
  • Example analytics from the arc dashboard

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